Torno y retorno

Torno in Spanish means “wheel” while retorno “to return”, this title refers to the action of trimming the ceramic object on the wheel and then to return those pieces to the place where they were, as a circle of life were all came back to its essence. The shapes created on the wheel become wild and free. The circular movement of the wheel doesn’t control the shape anymore, still remain in the center holding the messy mass as an image of the word.

Rolling, the wheel doesn’t stop, and we move constantly leaving traces behind, spreading them around us.

Looking at the plastic basin around the ceramic wheel, I imagine the world from above, the earth, the soil, allowed to be shaped by our hands, that same hands that was about to shape a cup, a pot, from that same soil Im seated on, transforming it later by heat into a different state material, yet…I looked around, at that basin…all the remnants from previous pots, all that left over things that I took out, like satellites moving around the earth. Like the tons of space garbage.

What if I put that back again? What if nothing that I took from were left behind and all of it goes together into the same object I just created, just like if everyone could see all my past, all I had left in my life attached around me, the dirty aura of my mistakes, because all of that was part of me, and all I touched got something from me.

When doing ceramic at school I remember a teacher telling us to wash first our hands filled of clay into a bucket of water, once taken most of the soil, we could go under the faucet,  20 dirty hands from 10 students left almost half of that bucket filled of decanted soil. What we left behind in the creative process was a huge amount of reusable material, same as all the pigments sprayed to pots or sculptures that got attached to the walls. The beautiful memories from those days were not only us transforming soil into sculptures or pots, but also transforming what for many others would be garbage, left overs into once again part of the creative process material.