Sculpture cups series

The fragility of nature once touched or manipulated spins around the world with us, it hold us, carrying within it everything we do, traces like our hands or the scrapper tool leaves on the soil, all depending of this inner central core that keep us interconnected.

On the cups series, the inner circle, the core can remain empty or filled with substance, but it will be separate from the handmade sculpted surface that reaches our eyes to be contemplated, each piece is a world on its own shape, a surface that represent nature, nature that wants to kept it state of wilderness, untouched and unspoiled towards the human, a vibrancy that wants to overtake the creation, like an abandoned temple in a middle of a jungle about to be covered by layers of greens.

It was in the soft plasticity of the earthy material of clay and the process until the final creation were all the natural elements converges in this human shaped object were I found the best way to express my thoughts, the kind of material that encapsulate a sense of total creation.

On my cups I long to re create a moment of balance between both. The nature and the human

Émile Gallé glass and ceramics, Aubrey Beardsley illustrations, and René Lalique are referents of these series of creations and art Nouveau movement a style were I find passion for and inspiration

Updated 2017 cup below

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Lastest work 2017 Hanoi Lotus Cup

Originally from a series of 4 other cups lost on the way from Vietnam to Japan.