Sculpture cups series

Using clay to create shapes and patterns applied to the surface of the cups thrown on the wheel, I create this sculptures. Émile Gallé glass and ceramics, Aubrey Beardsley illustrations, and René Lalique are referents of these series of creations and art Nouveau movement a style were I find passion for and inspiration.

Each piece is a world on its own shape, and expresses its wilderness on its fragility towards the human touch. Taken soil and turning it into clay we twist its nature to a ceramic solid element by fire, I want to bring back its nature or recall some of its spirit within the material, creating an aesthetics experience between the observer and the objects, bringing a direct communion between beauty, fragility and nature, depicting its simplicity and complex way.

These images are artworks from 2012 to 2014 Argentina, I just moved to a new place and looking forward to show you the new cups sculpture I’m creating.

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