Ceramic creations

Cups sculptures series.

Using clay to create shapes and patterns applied to the surface of the cups thrown on the wheel, I create this sculpture cups. Émile Gallé glass and ceramics, Aubrey Beardsley illustrations and René Lalique jewelry are referents of my creations and art Nouveau movement a style were I find passion for and inspiration.

Each piece is a world on its own shape, and expresses its wilderness on its fragility towards the human touch.

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Torno y retorno

Torno in spanish means “wheel” while retorno means “to return”, this title refers to the action of trimming the ceramic object on the wheel and then to return those pieces to the place where it was, as a circle of life were all came back to its essence. The shapes created on the wheel become wild and free. The circular movement of the wheel doesn’t control the shape anymore..

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Eternal instant ceramic and mixed media sculptures

Ceramic sculptures and mixed media. Would you wait for somebody how long? are you willing to become part of what surrounds you while you wait?, the nature, a tree, a flower, a dewdrop, those fragile and sensible natural elements, I mixed ceramic sculptures with dried natural flowers creating small atmosphere, the nature take part of the person, they interact and become one while they wait.

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