Creating multiple projects at the same time, jumping constantly from one into the other, perhaps, due his multicultural roots, Argentine – Japanese descendant and born raised in a city of constant change and diversity like Buenos Aires. I focus into, identity, human relationships, the fragility of life and the beauty of nature transmitting them using illustrations, fictional characters or ceramic sculptures. Watercolors suits me the most when I move around without a fixed place or studio to create for long periods but sometimes alternative simple materials like flower petals or leaves mashed into the paper are that solution to get colors where you seem not to have, re utilizing and transforming those simple elements.

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Last exhibitions
2011 Mixturas “El arte y las colectividades” Centro Cultural Recoleta.  Flickr-Logo2 ceramic sculptures
2012 Casas de vida “Shisa Perros leones” “Lady and the big cat” Flickr-Logo2 Paints illustrations and ceramics
2013 Mixturas “El arte y las colectividades” Centro Cultural Recoleta.  images (1) Ceramic sculptures
2013 Salon pequeno formato. Galery Jardin. Ceramic pottery 1place mention by jury, 3 place award by public.  Flickr-Logo2
Press “La Plata Hochi”
2013 1er Encuentro Zen en Latinoamerica.  ceramic sculptures
2014 “Japon en Mendoza” Nave cultural  Flickr-Logo2 ceramic sculptures
2014 “Mythological guardians of japan” Solo Show  Flickr-Logo2 ceramic sculptures. at Jardin Japones
Press “Ryukyu Shimpo Okinawa” Okinawa Japan News
Press “Alternativa Nikkei”
Press “La plata Hochi”
2014 Lean & friends “conventillo cultural del abasto.
2014 “Japon y Argentina integrados por el arte” . Watercolors, sculptures and paints. at Biblioteca del congreso de la Nacion.
2014 “Nuevas miradas del Japon”  Flickr-Logo2 Ceramic sculptures, at Centro cultural Borges
2014 “Expo disenadores” . group exhibition.  at Jardin Japones en Argentina.
2014 “Cats return home”  solo show. flickr-logo-32  illustrations , prints. at Nano gallery. Osaka Japan.